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Feat. Justice, Little Prince Alex, Cody and who the hell is this other person in the studio???

Hurricane Matthew is obviously a gay cut storm and we try to use our crack expert science team to predict where the weather will go.

How Orlando Coming Out with Pride will be different this year in the wake of the Pulse Tragedy and how do you define Pride for yourself. Orlando is still a city dealing with something horrific that happened but we are strong and united as one human family.

Wonder Woman is bisexual, drunk political arguments, News and MORE!!!


The 400th Episode of the radio show is coming up and we try to figure out how to celebrate with past members of the show.

Feat. Justice, LadyBerri Matthews, Lil’ Prince Alex and a flashback appearance by Markers the Intern.

How Justice accidentally screwed Markers out of a legitimate college intern when the university decided to listen to an episode of the show.

Orlando Coming Out with Pride and how they used to hate Justice and the radio show and just assuming that someone has a problem with you and apologizing for being a douche.

Study says having lots and lots of sex can bring you closer to God and he is a peeping tom.

The first Presidential Debate drinking game and pizza party.

Learning with LadyBerri and experiences with the police, the news and a DC comic book coming out to benefit the victims of the Pulse shooting.

Gay reality television and how Finding Prince Charming is a gay classier version of Flavor of Love and MORE!


DRINKING GAME: Take a shot every time Bobby cackle laughs.

Feat. Justice, Rob, Bobby and Eric Thee Actor.

Catching up with the talented Rob Ward and having an adorable weekend and being an uncle to awesome twins in Alabama.

Changing a baby’s diapers makes you a total bottom, bro.....or does it?

Ancient torture techniques, the news and a new gay nation and MORE!!!


Feat. Justice, LadyBerri Matthews and Cody.

Justice is in an annoyingly happy mood.

Do you think Oprah and Ellen hang out like buddies?

Cody hates British gay clubs, Queer Ghost Hunters helping the spirits of the afterlife come out of the closet and Gay Porn History 101.

The best and worst place you’ve ever lived after a Labor Day spent fixing up an old home you lived in a long time ago.

LadyBerri gets catfished, the news and MORE~!!


Feat. Justice, Alex and Eric Thee Actor and special guest ChiChi
Reality TV & feeling comfortable and letting your creativity run free.

Not being too narcissistic and recapping the Orlando Weekly's 'Best Of Orlando' Party and going in drag and why wearing heels is worse than death.

National Toy and being stretched out.

Still thinking about the Pulse shooting and where we are with things

*PODCAST EXCLUSIVE* Former Governor Rick Perry is going to be on Dancing with the Stars and we recollect the time when we pranked his campaign.

Don’t play awful pranks at the bathhouse of horrors, news and MORE!


The show's longest recurring guest is back to catch up and do a little gay gypsy love with the tarot cards.

Join Justice, Ladyberri Matthews, Bobby and Angelique Young with James Jacob Pierri the Auset Gypsy to do our annual psychic check up to read palms and see what the cards say about love, career and the future.

Check him out AusetGypsy.com

Plus Justice has a fight that makes someone hop out of the car, North Korea and MORE~!!!!


Feat. Justice, LadyBerri Matthews, Cory and the return of Eric Thee Actor

Going to Pride skate and why gay guys are amazing on wheels.

Justice’s lady arms and his guns shut down Facebook Live.
The finale of Orlando Drag Race Live. Learning with LadyBerri asks if you could restart your life at what point would you go if you could restart your life?
Growing up and not giving a damn and why people probably start doing hard drugs.
The gayest Olympics ever and making mall walking a sport. New gay storylines in professional wrestling to make it even more fabulous than it already is.


Split second adventures and choosing your own adventure and being happy when there is at least one other person in the room more annoying and disliked than you.

The voices in your head that call you a little slut and how to make your phone family friendly in a pinch.

MrMs Adrien is back from the nationwide One Pulse Tour and talking about what that experience was like----Remembering Pulse and the living memory of that place and the people.

News, jokes and Justice may or may not burp on the air.

Feat. Justice, Bobby, Superfan John and the return of MrMs Adrien!



Back in the first studio that the radio show started in way back when.
What your dreams say about you and how they make you feel, being hyper competitive and eating a banana.

The death of the gay chatroom and body shaming plus MORE

Feat. Justice, LadyBerri Matthews, Cody and Bobby fighting an ulcer.


Feat. Justice, LadyBerri Matthews, Lil Prince Alex and SuperFan John.

If I had a nickel for every time someone said, 'you better not talk about this on the radio show' after sex.....

What's your life backup plan?
Letting your geek flag fly.
Do believe in soulmates or that someone out there is your perfect match ?

Evolving in life like a Pokemon.

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